A brief history of Café San Vito

This is the area in Costa Rica where San Vito is located

Our company, Café San Vito S.A., was incorporated in 2003. Subsequent to a downfall in the international price of coffee, several coffee producers in the area of Fila Tigre (in the district of Pittier, canton of Coto Brus in the province of Puntarenas) came together to examine the situation that was affecting many families in the region and forcing many of them to emigrate and abandon their plots of land, because actual profits for coffee production were mainly going to large traders.

The agreement reached at that time was to establish an alliance, in order to jointly carry out the whole process of coffee production. The mutual commitment was to deliver high-quality coffee and to undertake direct sales, without resorting to intermediaries, in order to cause a maximum decrease in the costs of intermediate traders and thus achieve a differentiation in the market.

Our coffee plantations are located around the small towns of Santa Elena (the main town in the district), Fila Tigre, Santa Fe, Fila Méndez and El Roble. All of these are part of the Pittier district in the canton (municipality) of Coto Brus, part of the Province of Puntarenas in Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

800 – 1200 meters (approximately 2630 – 3950 feet)

Harvesting season:
From August to late January.

A Cup of Our Coffee:
Acidity: normal.
Body: normal.
Aroma: normal.


Our coffee grows in the protected lands belonging to the tribes of the Brunca lineage, whose life has developed on the slopes of the Talamanca Mountain Range, the highest range in Costa Rica. This southern region in Costa Rica, known as the Humid Pacific, is the home for this exceptional coffee that is characterized by its early-ripening and medium-hard beans.

Annual precipitation in the area is high, reaching between 3,750 and 4,200 millimeters over 200 days. The average temperature is 21.5°C (71°F), with a relative humidity of 88.0%. These conditions allow sunshine between 41.0% and 39.0% for approximately 1,800 hours.

The traits of our coffee satisfy all tastes, and its early harvest is highly esteemed due to its easy compatibility with coffee from other latitudes.