Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rican coffee sums up in itself the history of the country that has been its home for more than two centuries. In fact, coffee has been for a long time the basis to mark the pace of Costa Rican life and economy... Read more

Production stages

We have 5 production stages for the development of our coffee. You can read more in our section Production

Roasted coffee

The roasting process is carried out through indirect warming of the beans in a spinning drum. This seeks to distribute heat in the best way, so as to allow heating from the inside out.

Quality and Flavor

ICAFE, the Costa Rican entity that oversees coffee production and marketing, awarded Café San Vito a quality certification in the year 2013, as a result of an inspection carried out on a tasting sample of our coffee.

About Us

... The effort of small producers

Our company, Café San Vito S.A., was incorporated in 2003. Subsequent to a downfall in the international price of coffee, several coffee producers in the area of Fila Tigre (in the district of Pittier, canton of Coto Brus in the province of Puntarenas) ...Read more

Mission and Vision

... Its aroma, smell and flavor


To provide consumers with high-quality coffee, processed with traditional methods by small producers, thus contributing to a sustainable development where every member of the organization receives their own benefit... Read more
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